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BGRIMM Magnetic Material & Technology Co.,Ltd Introduction

BGRIMM Magnetic Materials& Technology Co.,Ltd. was set up together by such 5 enterprises as Beijing General Research Institute of Mining & Metallurgy which is main promoter, with affiliated Magnetic Material Research Institute, Magnetic Component Research Institute providing all operational net assets, uniting General Research Institute of the Steel and Iron etc.. Company's promoter's stock adds up to 65 million shares. It is the first technology type Limited Company that initiated by the Center Administrations of National Government, and it is a great action that the large-scale research institute transforms into technology enterprise and sets up the modern enterprise system further.

The high-performance permanent magnetic material is of the high-tech new material category, meeting modern demand and development of new industry to research and develop function material that updates constantly, mainly service in such trades as automatic control, computer, ancillary equipment and mini special electrical machinery, etc., which are the main products of the company. Magnetic material Research Institute, (in Beijing of mining & metallurgy) is Predecessor of the company, which is one of the earliest domestic unit to develop, produce and popularize permanent magnetic ferrite material, component, equipment, having multiple technology innovations and independent intellectual property, awarded 29 national or ministerial grade prizes& 15 patents for the achievement in science and technology in the field of magnetic material, also entrusted by former electronic department to make national trade standard. Because its achievement and impact on trade, selected to set up the only " National Magnetic Material Engineering Technology Research Center " in the whole country by State Science and Technology Commission in 1993, become the central channel to promote the new technology of magnetic material of developing, popularizing and spreading source, as well as large-scale project of technology result. Its permanent magnet ferrite product technology is popularized and applied at home by various ways, has promoted the progress and development of the domestic magnetic material and component trade, makes our country become the big producing country of permanent magnetic ferrite in the world, has accelerated the change of the pattern of international market.

The high-performance magnetic material of the company has already carried out the large-scale production; its technique advantage has already been turned into industry's advantage. Registered trademark"Beikuang" brand magnetic material products enjoy high reputation at home and abroad. Company has had more than ten specialized production lines already now, developed five big classes more than 30 products supplying the domestic and international markets. Sales amount was up to 179,960,000 Yuan in 2003; total profit was up to 23,110,000 Yuan; export income was up to 20,300,000 Yuan; among them the magnetic material products have already occupied quite big share in the domestic and international market, has set up domestic and international sale and service network. Chosen as " Top Ten Enterprises " in Zhongguancun Science Park Fengtai Gurdon in 2002; " Observed Contract and Kept Promise " enterprise of Beijing city

The technology and products of the company have extensive market prospect and good growth route. The company is playing an important role in bringing along the domestic products structural adjustment and technology promoting as the new high-tech enterprise with special production and research & development permanent magnetic material. With high development of information technology and industry, the market demand of the high-performance magnetic material will increase continually and steadily. The company strives to develop into one of the domestic biggest technique birthplace and production base of permanent magnet ferrite material through the high added value of technology within a few years, makes itself in the leading position in such aspects as output, variety, sales amount, promote permanent magnet ferrite material of our country to develop further and really becomes the big export country of permanent magnetic ferrite material, makes the company in the ranks of the famous technology type industry in the international counterpart, will lay a solid foundation in order to build up a transnational group with international brand in the future.

Our company has issued 35 million shares this time, was listed on Shanghai Stock Exchange on May 12, in 2004. Company raises fund about 230 million Yuan, and fund-raising contributes to the company from the material producing to the component producing; improves the added value of the products further, has the important signification for promoting the technique level and international market competitiveness of the Chinese magnetic material trade.